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We are a company with long-standing experience, set up in response to growing demand for logistics services.
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Thanks to this ILS is able to offer LCL and FCL transports at competitive terms and conditions for its Customers and foreign Partners. Main international routes are: Sosnowiec - Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Italy, Slovenia Czosnów-Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Komorniki-Germany, England


We offer:

  • short delivery time, just-in-time. 
  • flexible choice of the number and type of vehicles, 
  • proven and trusted carriers
National internal delivery routes of ILS are being realized very frequently during the week. Each and every day we realize around 300 transports with FCL and LCL loads for our Customers. Qualified employees are able to design and tailor transport solutions of the needs of every Customer. We do not limit to particular industries, and controlled condition transports are familiar to us. In overwhelming majority the routes are realized in cycles, and dates and times of deliveries are defined in very tight time limits. This allows our Customers to plan their own production cycles very precisely, as well as their regional logistics. ILS Regional Warehouses are connected by the following regular delivery routes: Czosnów-Sosnowiec, Komorniki, WrocławSosnowiec-Komorniki, WrocławWrocław-Komornik
We offer possibility of transporting by the sea loads which are nonnormative/oversized and mass. We also transport containers from China to Poland by rail. Our company also has customs warehouse close to the port in Gdynia, providing full paperwork services. Experience of our employees assures the Customer a possibility of selecting the best and the most advantageous logistics solution. We work on the basis of international trade rules INCOTERMS 2010.

Our services are tailored to our customers, according to their individual needs. When negotiating cooperation, we develop dedicated and possibly most convenient solutions for our Customers, based on our experience and good practices developed thanks to long-term support for our current contractors.

Under our services we offer:

  • reception, storage on pallet and shelf racks, releasing packages, pallets and bulk goods 
  • braking bulk, order picking, order unbatching, palletizing
  • quality and quantity control of received and released goods, also sorting, maintenance, service and recycling of goods. 
  • protecting goods before dispatch, re-packaging.
We also help with designing storage space and warehouse equipment.

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