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Publish date: 18.07.2022
<strong>Why choose ILS as your logistics partner?</strong><strong></strong>

Why choose ILS as your logistics partner?

Comprehensive services in modern and automated logistic centres.

Within its operations, ILS offers comprehensive logistics services, such as warehousing, storage and forwarding goods.

 Our Company has many years of experience in storing and transporting goods and providing logistics services.

All the services are performed in modern warehouses, using highly qualified workforce, modern devices and technologically advanced IT systems.

Optimally designed logistic processes, Warehouse Management System combined with a radio system for identification of goods, allows to achieve high work efficiency, and thus keep the costs of individual operations on a competitive level, while maintaining high quality.

ILS offers storage of goods on pallet racks, shelf racks, tyre baskets and multiple other solutions.

Automatic and computerised conveyors ensure fast and precise picking of goods.

The company also realizes express deliveries from its warehouses (including in-night deliveries)


The experience and the logistical agility of ILS that it has developed over the years translates into tangible benefits for customers:

Thanks to the improvement of our skills and new technologies, the processes at ILS are becoming even more perfect and the costs of our services lower. We work to exceed the expectations of our Customers and our Partners.

The loads ILS transport and process are covered by insurance. Among the services you can find ‘just-in-time’ transport and ‘in night’ deliveries.

ILS is certified and licensed in the areas of warehousing, transport and international road forwarding. Professionals ensure that complete cargo is in the right place, at the right time.

ILS keeps up-to-date by following and implementing the latest technologies, including TMS, WMS, WCS and radio scanners. For the convenience of Contractors and to ensure the right level of service!


Why ILS?

As a result of continuous development of skills and know-how we are implementing the most modern technologies for our Customers, thanks to which we are able to optimize processes and cost of services.

Here are the main reasons why it is worth to start working with ILS!

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