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Publish date: 05.09.2022
Our solutions made to fit your needs

Our solutions made to fit your needs

We always choose the most time-efficient and cost-effective services for you.

Our aim is to provide you with unique logistics solutions to ensure your business success.

Explore our comprehensive range of services, tools and see which services best suit your needs.

Storage of goods at ILS

What makes our warehouses different?

When negotiating cooperation, we develop dedicated and possibly most convenient solutions for our Customers, based on our experience and good practices developed thanks to long-term support for our current contractors. Services are customised to our clients and their individual current and future needs.

Under our services we offer:

In addition, we provide:

Domestic Transport

Our offer includes:

taking into account environmental impact and emissions, among other factors.

ILS domestic internal transports are carried out with very high frequency. Every day we carry out around 300 transports for our Customers’ general cargo and full truckload loads. Our qualified employees are able to design and adapt transports to individual expectations and needs of Customers. The majority of routes are cyclical, with delivery dates and times defined within very tight time frames. This allows our Customers to precisely plan their own production cycles and regional logistics.

ILS Regional Warehouses are connected by the following regular delivery routes:

International transport

ILS offers LCL and FCL transports at competitive terms and conditions for its Customers and foreign Contractors. We carry out around 120 linehaul routes every day to the warehouses of foreign partners.

Main international routes are:

Sea and intermodal transport

We also offer possibility of using intermodal transport (using multiple modes of transportation – rail and truck) when transporting on the territory of Poland. We also transport containers from China and Europe by rail.

We offer possibility of transporting by the sea loads which are nonnormative/oversized and mass. Our company also has partner’s customs warehouse close to the port in Gdynia, providing full paperwork services.

We organise sea, air and rail transports in cooperation with many partners. We import goods from Asian ports, but also from the USA, Turkey, UK and Portugal.

We take care of the coordination of customs clearance.

Experience of our employees assures the Customer a possibility of selecting the best and the most advantageous logistics solution.

We work on the basis of international INCOTERMS trade rules.

Main sectors

We provide specialised services for market sectors in the most efficient way, based on our experience and proven solutions.

Automotive industry

We have been operating in the automotive sector since 1990.

As part of our cooperation, we provide comprehensive warehousing and distribution services. We deliver automotive spare parts and accessories in “Just in Time” mode.

We also specialise in tyre logistics, offering our customers individual solutions based on our experience and comprehensive specialized knowledge. We demonstrate a flexible approach to volume fluctuations (summer/winter seasonality). Our customers can gain additional benefits from the synergies resulting from the consolidation of different tyre brands.

Chemical industry

In our warehouses we are storing oils and lubricants for industry and automotive sector.

We have experience in handling ADR-type hazardous products in storage and transport, transhipment and packaging.

We tranship and forward products in drums, cans or other, non-standard packages.


Among our clients there are also importers and producers of food products, office supplies, cosmetics and lighting, sold in the largest sales chains.

We are rendering for them distribution services and all additional services related to breaking bulk, packing, co-packing for seasonal promotions.

We realize groupage and FTL deliveries to hypermarkets, shops and wholesalers.