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Publish date: 22.09.2023
Kalisz on the logistics map. Another midiHUB officially opened

Kalisz on the logistics map. Another midiHUB officially opened

The number of Inter Cars distribution centres is constantly growing. The official opening of the midiHUB in Kalisz took place on 15 September. This is another facility of this type in Poland for Inter Cars, working closely with our logistics operator ILS. The event was attended by more than 500 people from the automotive industry as well as our customers, partners and suppliers.

Two days of celebration

The celebrations started already on Thursday with a mini automotive trade fair. The brands that presented their offer to customers included:  Michelin, Proma Polska, Castrol Polska, Hella, Valvoline, Delphi, TEXA, Amtra, Badek, Milwaukee, Bosch, GULF, OSRAM, Vierol, Denso, COMMA, Ravenol, Bridgestone and Hazet. Adam Klimek, who represented the Hella brand, was a special guest at the fair. The opening culminated on Friday afternoon. At 5 p.m., a family event for customers, guests, suppliers and partners began on the premises of Panatonnia Park Kalisz at 1 Rozwojowa Street, where the new centre is located.

“We prepared the event for the opening of our centre in Kalisz in a slightly different form. This time we focused on a family atmosphere, so that our customers and suppliers could spend time together with their families. For this reason we decided to have entertainers for children, a play zone and inflatables at the event. We continually strive to build lasting relationships with our customers and to meet their expectations by responding to their needs,” – said Szymon Świerczek – director of the Łódź branch group of Inter Cars chain.

The programme of the event included numerous competitions, both for automotive representatives and for children. After the official opening by the management of the Wielkopolska region, suppliers appeared on stage with a presentation of their offer. The rock’n’roll Storo music band also performed on the stage.

Even better availability of goods

The new logistics centre in Kalisz covers an area of approx. 4,200 m2, all of which is taken up by a hall with racking structures.

“It is intended to provide our customers with even better availability of goods. It will certainly speed up deliveries and increase the number of deliveries to other branches and customers. The hall we have chosen meets our requirements – both from the storage space and from logistics aspects” – emphasised the representatives of the management of the Łódź, Wielkopolska branch group of the Inter Cars chain, Szymon Świerczek and Krzysztof Wyrębowski.