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Publish date: 14.11.2023
Freight forwarding – the ideal solution for companies

Freight forwarding – the ideal solution for companies

Not every company has the opportunity to have its own logistics facilities. With such companies in mind, forwarding services are organised, which ILS has been providing for about 20 years. Logistics, freight forwarding, transport and many years of experience are our asset in cooperation with both, companies just starting out on the market and those with many years of experience.

International reach of distribution

The forwarding carried out by ILS covers not only Poland and other European Union countries but also countries outside the Community. Our knowledge and experience enable us to successfully fulfil orders for both international and domestic transport, catering to the needs of customers and carriers alike.

Last year, 2022, we carried out more than 1,400 orders from the Freight Forwarding Department alone for dozens of regular customers from several market sectors, which translated into an increase in revenue in this area of our business of more than 37% year-on-year. Combined with the forwarding orders of the Transport Division, we performed a total of more than 4,800 orders.

The main destinations in international freight forwarding for exports are Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Turkey. But we also process import orders from many other countries including the Netherlands, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and Turkey.

Organisation, experience and efficiency

Our experience is reflected, above all, in our knowledge of road transport and our ability to organise the carriage of goods. We tailor our services to the specifics of the load and the expectations of our customers. Constant, direct contact and the ability to react quickly are the basis of our relationships with our business partners.

Our services range from advisory, selection of the optimum means of transport, coordination of the entire freight process to control of the necessary documentation.

All stages of transport are carefully supervised and checked. Thanks to this, anyone who undertakes cooperation with our company is guaranteed that the transport of goods will be carried out to the highest standards.

Forwarding with ILS  Why is it worth to use forwarding services?

Price, time, and problem resolution — these are the primary advantages of choosing ILS for your forwarding services. Often entrepreneurs who decide to handle transport issues “on their own” are not aware of the risks involved. This is because they are often not fully aware of the regulations in force, which can expose them to unnecessary and unjustified losses, including financial ones.

We encourage you to use the services of ILS. What can we guarantee?

– transport safety – we only use the services of trusted carriers;

– time saving;

– a guarantee of a comprehensive service – a forwarder will carry out the transport process from start to finish;

– fewer responsibilities – our services will relieve your company from taking care of the entire transport process and, ultimately, its finalisation;

– minimisation of costs – taking into account the balance of profits and losses, using the services of a forwarding agent will allow for significant savings.