Homepage News The new version of the DANXILS website. Feel free to visit it!
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Publish date: 12.03.2024
The new version of the DANXILS website. Feel free to visit it!

The new version of the DANXILS website. Feel free to visit it!

You can now enjoy the new website of DANXILS, the joint venture between ILS Logistics and DANX Carousel Group. Both customers and other stakeholders will be able to fulfil their needs with much greater ease thanks to the refreshed layout of the website.

The proper functionality of the site was something that had been keeping us up at night. From now on, all those who already use DANXILS’ services – as well as those who intend to do so – can track and send shipments in a much more accessible and convenient way than before. The links at the top of the page streamline this process. After entering your number and logging in, you can easily find out more about your shipment and shipping options.

We are constantly at your service. Our Control Tower is open 6 days a week and a representative is constantly on the phone for you.

We dispatch both day and night

A key element of the DANXILS business is the ability to transport goods to our customers even late at night. To get your goods first thing in the morning, place your order the day before. While you sleep, our suppliers will do their job!

By combining the strengths of DANX and ILS, the new joint company has been given almost unlimited storage capacity. ILS has an extensive network of transport and warehouses both in Poland and abroad. This enables us to efficiently ship goods between different countries.

We also offer a PUDO service for picking up your goods at a location of your choice at any time! We have more than 200 such points.

You can find out more about our services on a special sub-page where we talk about the width of the DANXILS business.

Looking for a job? We might just be looking for you!

DANXILS offers you the opportunity to work in an international environment that is open to learning new skills. We are often looking for new employees. Current job offers are published in the “Careers” section of our website. If you cannot find anything for yourself or we do not currently have an interesting position to offer, nothing is lost! Write to us via a special form and as soon as a new offer is available, we will get back to you.

DANXILS – cooperation based on partnership

The joint partnership was established in spring 2023. Both companies have a wealth of experience in the logistics sector and can draw on each other’s expertise thereby expanding their existing offerings.

ILS is an entity which is a part of the Inter Cars Capital Group. The company is responsible for providing comprehensive logistics services related to storage and handling of goods for the companies of the Capital Group and third parties.

Our partner, DANX, part of the DANX Carousel Group, is a pan-European time-critical service logistics specialist, providing parts and products essential to life-critical industries. It provides end-to-end solutions for automotive aftermarket, management of returns and medical logistics, where precision and continuity are key values.