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Publish date: 25.04.2024
ILS supports young students of logistics

ILS supports young students of logistics

The role of Inter Cars in the world of logistics, IT systems and their connections, e-commerce order processing. These are just some of the topics discussed during a recent meeting of ILS representatives with our guests – representatives of the Students’ Association of Applied Logistics at the Warsaw University of Technology. This is not the only recent visit to our headquarters, nor is it the only support we give to those just entering the world of logistics.

Visit to the European Logistics and Development Centre in Zakroczym

The invitation to the students of the Applied Logistics Student Circle of the Warsaw University of Technology to visit the ILS headquarters on 16 April this year was an exceptional event, which opened the door to the world of modern technological solutions for young logistics students.

The meeting took place in an exceptionally good atmosphere, and our guests paid close attention and were introduced to new topics during both the presentation part and the tour of the warehouse halls.

Maciej, from the Faculty of Transport at the Warsaw University of Technology, commented: “Inter Cars allowed us to see how modern technological solutions in the logistics centre help to improve the management of goods, e.g. the use of barcodes to identify goods or modern workstations that help to correctly complete the order”. Another student, Mateusz, had a similar opinion: “The solutions presented for the technologies used in the warehouse seemed very interesting and their presentation during the workshop even more so. However, I was most intrigued by the problems and solutions in the field of e-commerce. Moreover, the spectre of a complete optimisation of the inspection, packing and shipping processes is something really future-proof.” – he pointed out.

This is not the only recent visit to the ILS headquarters. Five days earlier, we also had the pleasure of welcoming students from the LogiSQUAD logistics study group from the Faculty of Management Engineering at the Bialystok University of Technology. They had the opportunity to learn about warehouse processes and new solutions implemented in the field of automation.

ILS representatives mentor the youngest participants

Such meetings take place on a regular basis, and ILS regularly hosts representatives from various universities and faculties. The company is also committed to supporting young logistics students through the Inter Cars Foundation’s Accelerator programme. Marcin Łapiński, one of the mentors in the programme, emphasised: “I really appreciate working with such an engaged student community.  The students have a fresh, different perspective on the industry and the processes implemented. Especially our guests who have already studied the behaviour of Generation Z in their business or are thinking about how logistics will change in the next decade. The students draw our attention to new trends that are important for the younger generation.

ILS also expresses its willingness to continue working with the student community by organising workshops. “We want to further develop this cooperation in the form of workshops, especially now that ILS is automating its processes so intensively. I believe that both parties will be able to achieve their ambitious goals.” – assured the company representatives.